Kenyans quarantined at KU, JKUAT, KMTC get 14 more days for having ‘interactions’

The government has extended the quarantine period for all persons being held at Kenyatta University, Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT), KMTC (Kanu Hostel), KMTC (MG Hostel) and Kenya Water Institute by 14 more days.

Health Ministry Director General Dr. Patrick Amoth says it has been established that the individuals being held at the five facilities “did not maintain optimal social distance and instead had close contact and interactions.”

“After thorough evaluation of circumstances, it was observed that those in the following quarantine facilities did not maintain optimal social distance and instead had close contact and interactions,” said Dr. Amoth in a memo to all officers in-charge the five quarantine centres.

Dr. Amoth further says owing to the said interactions it is impossible to determine whether all those quarantined in the five facilities are actually safe to be released into the general public .

“This is therefore to inform you to communicate to those quarantined in the above stated facilities that their mandatory quarantine period shall be extended by an extra period of 14 days,” adds the memo.

A repeat testing for COVID-19 shall be undertaken on all the persons quarantined at the five centres after the 14 day period.

“Further they are hereby directed to observe all the advice in social distance, hygiene measures and to limit interactions during the period after which a repeat testing for COVID-19 shall be undertaken,” said Dr. Amoth.

On Wednesday, 21 people in mandatory quarantine at the Kenyatta University centre held protests over their continued stay at the facility despite posting negative COVID-19 results.

The group claimed they were being held in quarantine after the expiry of their mandatory 14 days of isolation yet they cannot pay hefty bills for their stay.

Several Police officers were deployed and forced them back into the facility.

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