Kenya’s party themes that have since been forgotten

They say old habits die hard, but for the last month or so, Corona made sure we adapted to new ways of living, shelving some of our habits.

Kenyans drinking habits are world renown and they would look for any reason to drink and party. “Oh hey you look sad, a few vodka shots would cheer you up.” 

With that said, bar owners even came up with theme nights across the week to give revellers encourage revellers to drink any day apart from from the weekend.

Here are some of the sugar coated terms and party that have since been forgotten.

Ladies night

Ladies night are normally on Wednesdays and to encourage more female revellers, clubs tend to float around the finest offers on drinks and food for the ladies.

Sorry ladies, now that you are social distancing, I bet the best you and your girls can do now is enjoy a glass of wine via skype.

Karaoke nights

The number of clubs hosting karaoke nights have since ballooned compared to three years ago.

 While days may vary, club owners know very well that with discounted prices, and free shots for every participant, revellers will come flocking at any given chance.

Right now, in memory of the good ‘ol days, the remote is all that’s left for aspiring singers.

Reggae Thursdays

From Kiambu road to Ngong road, clubs have had no choice but to give in to the revellers demands. Such demands includes having a reggae themed night which in most cases happen to be on Thursdays.

Kenyans now are forced to dress up in their reggae colors and jam in their houses

Sunday funday

For most people, Sundays are usually the best time of the week to go out after church with friends and family, enjoy a meal and share drinks to unwind. All this has since been put on hold as we pray that the whole Coronavirus issue dies down.

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