Naiboi serves Arrow Bwoy a copyright strike on new Song ‘Toto’

Renowned musician Arrow Bwoy has released a new song love song dubbed ‘Toto’.

“Toto’ is a slang word used to appreciate a beautiful lady, and that is exactly what Arrow Boy does in the new release.

From the beginning to the end, Arrow Bwoy is full of praises for this lady that has swept him off his feet.

The lyrics are so sincere, listening to the song you get the feeling that Arrow Bwoy means every wording coming out of his mouth.

‘Toto’ has a mixture of English, Swahili and some bit of Baganda, creating a nice blend and making it more appealing to the listener.

So far only the audio version has been released, with the video expected later.

Arrow Bwoy is currently enjoying a good music spree with a number of top songs and collaborations this years.

Three weeks ago, he dropped club banger ‘Find X’ featuring Dufla. ‘Find X’ was a massive tune and dominated the airwaves for several days.

By press time time, ‘Find X’ had secured over 102,000 views on YouTube, three weeks after it premiered.

In addition to ‘Find X’, Arrow Bwoy has this year dropped ‘Tujuane’, ‘Mungu Baba’, and featured on Dufla’s Kosi.

Now, trouble comes in only a day after he released his song 'Toto' produced by iLogos music and YouTube. The song has since been pulled down with a copyright strike from Michael Claver famously known as Naiboi.

Everyone trying to find the song definitely won't find it now but if you click this YouTube link you will see it for yoursel.

What happened?

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