Re-introducing singer Nimo with her new single 'Ganda'

Born in Nairobi, Kenya, Nimo got public attention when she was the brilliant female voice behind the hit single “Nishike’’ by Kenya’s pioneer Boy Group ‘Wakimbizi’ back in 2004.

Back then she went by the stage name ‘Eysha’. Later on she got signed to the Kenyan Label known as “GRANDPA RECORDS” in 2010 where she featured in the label’s first HIT ANTHEM ‘Fimbo ya Kwanza’ and even did the singles ‘Kipepeo’, ‘I don’t know’ and ‘jua itawaka’ which were a massive success.

After the contract period with ‘’GRANDPA RECORDS” ended in 2012, Nimo became an independent artist. She worked on a project with Kayvo Kforce and Ottomatic where she featured in the song ‘Hello Mr. President.’

At this point Nimo took time to understand music business both on the creative and business side, and also to hone her unique sound. She rebranded to her maiden name, ‘Nimo’ which is the short version of ‘Wairimu’ as she felt it best described who she is. Wairimu means cream of milk, which is the top layer and is the best part.

“To thrive and succeed i have to constantly remind myself that I am
the best version of myself. That way, no matter how challenging the situation ahead is, no matter the setbacks, I have no option but to give my best efforts to ensure I rise to the top,”
says Nimo.

With that attitude in mind, she is currently pursuing her solo career working closely with Cahcenti Productions, the hit makers behind the hits Moto by Qritiqal, Kawira by Katempa, Na Gode kikuyu cover by Cahcenti and many more, on her upcoming singles and EP.

Nimo’s comeback therefore is full of energy and drive backed with skill and
prowess. Her current release is the banger ‘Ganda’. It is a collaboration with East Africa’s finest DJ, DJ Mantix and singer/songwriter Maila.

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