Ruto Stamps Authority in Jubilee With Key Win Over Tuju

Deputy President William Ruto's war with President Uhuru Kenyatta and Jubilee Secretary-General Raphael Tuju took a new twist with the former stamping authority after the Registrar of Political Parties declined to approve changes proposed within the party.

In a letter addressed to Tuju, Ane Nderitu smartly threw the matter back to Jubilee and asked them to solve their issue amicably, and later on, inform her office of the dispute resolution mechanisms undertaken.

Nderitu thwarted the decision to approve the changes to the National Management Committee (NMC) after 350 members of the party filed a petition to reject the changes.

She directed that the contentious issue which has exposed more cracks within Jubilee must be addressed in accordance with the party's constitution, the Political Parties Act and the conclusion filed with her office.

"In analysing the objections, we noted that they relate to the procedures and processes within your party. These written objections are hereby forwarded to Jubilee Party to be addressed in accordance with your party constitution and party structures.

"Kindly note that Section 40 of the Political Parties Act 2011 provides that if there is a dispute between the members of a political party or between a member of a political party and the political party, the dispute shall be referred to the Political Parties Dispute Tribunal for hearing and determination. Nevertheless, the party is expected to have exhausted its internal dispute resolution mechanism in line with Section 40 (2) of the Act," Nderitu's letter reads.

Ruto had expressed displeasure at the changes, which had proposed four new officials, Lucy Nyawira Macharia, Marete Marangu, Walter Nyambati, James Nampaso and James Waweru. He, however, declined to attack Kenyatta and argued that the changes were proposed by cartels.

"The President and party leader of the Jubilee Party did not and cannot be a party to any fraudulent and illegal changes to officials in our party. 70 per cent, 146 elected Jubilee MPs and Senators have rejected the fraudulent and illegal changes by heartless gangsters taking advantage of the Covid-19 pandemic when Kenyans are anxious about their health and survival. They aren't President Uhuru's men; they are crooks," Ruto tweeted.

A report by the Daily Nation on Friday, April 17, detailed that Tuju stated that he had not seen the letter by Nderitu, arguing that he would respond only after having it in his possession.

"If I were to engage some of these people on everything they say, I would not have a life. We are coordinating with some other Kenyans on how to adopt more vulnerable families because of this coronavirus.  When the registrar's letter comes to my office, I will deal with it but for the moment we are trying to sponsor vulnerable families."

"We want to ensure the families have something to eat tonight and in future, as we face Covid-19," Tuju informed.

However, on Friday, April 17, Jubilee Party legislator Caleb Kositany disclosed that they would take action against Tuju.

"We are going to institute legal action the Secretary-General and the Chairman because they presented to the registrar minutes of a meeting that never took place," Kositany, Soy MP and Ruto's ally stated.

"Murathe (David Murathe, Jubilee Vice-Chairman) obviously you do not know about internal party democracy. Your purported change of officials is open impunity and must be resisted. Jubilee is not Murathe's Wines and Spirits Shop," Kandara MP Alice Wahome added via Twitter on Friday, April 17.

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