‘Stacy’s Mom’ Songwriter Adam Schlesinger Dies From Coronavirus

The track ‘Stacy’s Mom’ was the theme-song for every angst, lust-filled hormonal teen in the early 2000’s.

Sadly, according to recent reports the man behind the mega-hit Adam Schlesinger past away April1st 2020, from the coronavirus at the age of 52. BBC reported Schlesinger had been receiving treatment for COVID-19, receiving assisted breathing with the use of a ventilator; in a New York Hospital.

The bass player co-wrote the Fountain of Wayne’s 2003 hit, Stacy’s Mom – an ode to unrequited teenage lust according to the BBC. He has since go on to write more music including lending his talents to various projects in Tinseltown.


Schlesinger’s work has continued to receive rave reviews, earning him several accolades.

His music for the Broadway adaptation of the movie ‘Cry-Baby’ received a Tony Awards nomination in 2008. And he won a Grammy in 2009 for Best Comedy Album, for his efforts on ‘A Colbert Christmas: The Greatest Gift Of All!” working alongside American late night show host Stephen Colbert.

At the 2019 Emmy Awards, he won the Award for Outstanding Original Music and Lyrics for the track ‘Antidepressants Are So Not A Big Deal’, from the movie ‘Crazy Ex Girlfriend’.

The track ‘Stacy’s Mom’ catapulted Schlesinger into the spotlight.

As part of the New York-based indie rock-band Fountain of Wayne, the chart topper ‘Stacy’s Mom’ was part of the ‘Welcome Interstate Managers’ album released in 2003. The track has millions of streams online, and 100M views on YouTube owing to its popularity to this day. The track got a Grammy nominations for ‘Best Pop Performance’ and ‘Best New Artist’.

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