VIDEO: Mulamwah's Girlfriend Opens Up on Miscarriage

Comedian David Oyando, popularly known as Mulamwah's girlfriend, Caroline Muthoni, has broken her silence after the couple lost their baby.

In a video posted on the comedian's Youtube page on Thursday, April 16, Muthoni, popularly known as Carrol Sonie, revealed that she and the Churchill show comedian had been greatly affected by the loss.

"I remember when I told Mulamwah about the news and he was just depressed. He couldn't even control himself. The same happened to me, I broke down each and every time. Every time I saw a baby I would cry, it was that bad," Muthoni recounted.

"I want to thank my friends who came to the hospital to see me, I appreciate your love. Thank you so much for wanting to know how I am doing. I appreciate it, I'm recovering and everything is back to normal," she added.

On the evening of Monday, April 13, Mulamwah shared a clip, in which he was seen burning his signature stage shirt, alongside a message admitting to being affected by social media trolls.

In his heartbreaking post, Mulamwah disclosed that constant trolls had led him and his family into depression and at some point, led to a miscarriage.

“I wasn't here for fame and bad blood but for fun…To those who always wished the worst for me I hope y'all happy now, the stage is all yours. My prayer is that no one else goes through the same again.

“I once posted Carrol Sonie (his partner) while in a hospital bed, we had just lost our baby at 3 months following stress after being trolled online. I have never been the same since,” he stated, before telling his fans that he had let them down, and was quitting the industry.

Muthoni in her post stated that she was unaware the comedian was quitting, revealing that they had numerous talks about it, and it was not entirely up to Mulamwah to do so.

"When Mulamwah decided to quit comedy, I had no idea he was going to do that. I remember we had this conversation countless times, this wasn't his last decision to make," Muthoni stated.

"We had talked about this many times and we agreed that he wouldn't quit. But I don't know what happened and he did this without my knowing. When he did this he was in Kitale, I was in Nairobi and couldn't go because of the lockdown," she narrated.

Muthoni appreciated the many people who contacted her to offer encouragement, noting that at one time while still in the hospital, someone had called to insult her when she had lost her baby after three months of pregnancy.

"I just want to say we are even stronger than before," she proclaimed.

The actress extended her vote of thanks to the Kenya Film Classification Board CEO Ezekiel Mutua, who had offered to guide Mulamwa through the tough times he was enduring.

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