Zikki Releases New Single 'Mola Usinisahau' Featuring Maddox (Boondocks Gang) For Youth Against Suicide

Zikki is back with a new song titled ‘Mola Usinisahau’ that features Maddox of Boondocks Gang. The song carries all the activism in it as it is about Youths Against Suicide.

There have been many cases of suicide in the country and beyond. Many cases are from men and the youth from different groups; some are employed, married, unmarried and struggling financially. In essence, there is no way of pointing out the one main reason why people result to suicide when they do. It is however exciting to see that the youth are so much in tune with what is going on around them and that they have decided to speak about it and hopefully bring some change with that.

‘Mola Usinisahau’ speaks on the ghetto life and in fact has an alternative title ‘Ghetto Life’. Zikki and Maddox speak on the hardships that the youth are struggling through in the ghetto. The two singers highlight the few options that the youth in the ghetto get as back-up plans; drug use and gang violence.

The Daydro produced song is on a medium paced beat that has strong aspects of many acoustic instruments being layered on each other. Maddox and Zikki sing interchangeably with Maddox singing the first verse and Zikki the rest of the song.

We hope this song is a light to possibly what can be done and also a mirror to what is really happening in the ghetto for the government maybe. In the meantime, catch a vibe with Maddox and Zikki on ‘Mola Usinisahau’.

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