Akothee Blasts Stalkers Posing As Donors For Her Foundation

Philanthropist and celebrity musician Akothee has revealed some of the frustrations she has been facing regarding her self-titled foundation.

The singer launched Akothee Foundation in September last year to help the less fortunate in society, but the charity project has since become a hotbed for dishonest donors to take advantage of the singer.

While venting her disappointment on social media, Akothee said people have been taking advantage of the fact that she is the one running the foundation.

In a long post, Akothee said a number of cooperates who had invited her to their offices for possible partnerships have since left her high and dry.

“The foundation has made the brand very vulnerable, and people taking advantage of the fact that it’s Akothee running behind it , Some cooperates have invited me to their offices , promised huge contributions and after getting direct contacts with me, photos, thats the end 🙏 when I follow up on what they promised, it’s water under the bridge, & I look like a bother 🙏 God is seing you💪” she wrote.

Akothee also slammed some of her fans whom she claimed insist on talking to her before making a contribution to the foundation.

“Some fans insist to talk to me first before they contribute, I wonder why they feel so special and that I AKOTHEE must talk to them before they send their contributions. That’s why they get into the trap of one CON MAN/ WOMAN, ESTHER ANYANGO🤣🤣🤣 what makes them different from those who just see the paybill 205024 and do the necessary? The spirit of entitlement is overwhelming in the society,” she posted.

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