Kusah Releases New Love Song ‘Dakika’

Tanzania’s fast-rising musician Kusah has dropped a new single dubbed ‘Dakika’.

‘Dakika’ is a song of a man seeking validation in love even just for a minute. The new release depicts how young men struggle to get the girl they love and desire to be with.

He narrates how beautiful the lady is, paying special attention to her skin colour and natural beauty.

“Uzuri wa asili , natural color wee, nimepagawa mimi mgonjwa wenipa dawa wee, leo nakupa siri ukae ujuwe kwamba wa kwanza mungu wa pili wazazi watatu ni wewe…..” reads the lyrics.

Such music makes you believe that love is not as hopeless as initially thought out here.

Kusah has been on the upward trajectory in terms of musical growth, and is slowly becoming a darling to his fans.

His music is soft, slow and has an RnB vibe that is synonymous with most Bongo love songs.

Before he dropped ‘Dakika’, he was riding high with his previous song ‘Angalau’ which has beautiful and well thought visuals.

For now, only the lyric video is out with the official video expected soon probably after the corona virus pandemic is dealt with.

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