‘Think before you say nonsense,’ Uhuru tells critics of flowers gift to U.K

President Uhuru Kenyatta in his address to the nation on Labour Day has defended the move by the government to gift UK health workers with bouquets of flowers.

President Uhuru noted that he was aware that some people had faulted his decision to send flowers to the UK.

He explained that the decision was likely to be in the favour of the vibrant Kenyan flower market once the pandemic is over.

“Hayo maua tumetuma, corona itaisha na watakumbuka soko ikifunguliwa, watanunua maua ya wale waliwakumbuka wakati wa shida,” He said.

At the same time, he termed as nonsensical, criticism over the flowers asking Kenyans to think ahead and stop posting ‘nonsense’ on social media.

“Coronavirus will not be with us forever, this is the time to think of how we shall revive our economy, it’s very important to see ahead, we must think of ways to revive our economy,” He said.

“This is not the time for us as Kenyans to be petty, this is not the time for us to be cheap, this is the time for us to plan the future..”

At the same time, the president faulted Kenyans who were criticising the Ministry of Health over an alleged misappropriation of funds meant for the fight against coronavirus.

“I’m asking you to be considerate, allow the government to deal with the pandemic and once this is over, we shall do an audit in broad daylight,” He added.

For instance, the budget for tea and snacks had been set at Ksh.10m, and so far, Ksh.4m has been spent.

The cost of fuelling and maintaining 30 vehicles at a rate of Ksh.40,000 per motor vehicle is Ksh.14.4m with the budget indicating that MoH has spent in excess of Ksh.2.3b to deal with the pandemic so far.

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