Ethic Entertainment’s Dedicate A Whole Song To Their Love Of Avocado In 'Staga'

Ethic Entertainment is here with a new release ‘Staga niki Medi.’

The track’s visuals which dropped early this morning (15.6.2020) features the crews same content but elevated. They sing of the club scene, drinking Hennessy and avocado.

The track which is part of their newly released album ‘Big Man Bado Odinare’ features beats from Benji beats and was mixed and mastered by Motif di Don. Master lyricist Seska surprised fans with a whole verse dedicated to avocado. Singing the praises of the beloved avocado, its clear that Seska knows more than just one way to enjoy the fruit “meal after meal.”

The crew which is known to have scantily clad women in their videos have seemingly turned a new leaf, heeding advice previously given by various industry titans.

Fans commenting on the brand new release noted that the group showed some growth in the visuals, supporting local dance troupes; true change for Ethic. One commented, “Eeeh kumbe akuna dem wa kurombosa…this is now independency,” while another added “I love when a video doesn’t need nudity it’s just about the vibes and dancing…well done.”

Ethic is set to release more videos for tracks from their debut album in the coming months. ‘Big Man Bado Odinare’ was released on June 13th 2020.
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