Blow to Bahati as 'Wanani' video gets deleted from YouTube

I believe it is now a great time for artists, producers and composers to embrace music business and education specifically matters sampling and copyright considering the numerous copyright strike cases witnessed this year.

The other day it was multi-talented producer and singer, Magix Enga who placed a copyright strike on 6ix9ine’s Gooba video that saw the video deleted from YouTube for hours then came along a content ID fingerprint match on Tanasha Donna’s music video ‘Sawa’ which was allegedly done by Magix Enga before he went ahead to deny it.

Gospel singer Bahati has been subjected to a major setback after his number one trending song ‘Wanani’ got pulled down from YouTube over copyrights claims. It indicates that the copyright claims were filed to the YouTube Management by an upcoming artist called JIVU who as soon as Bahati’s song was released took to social media to claim that Bahati had stolen lyrics from his song off his ‘Hayawi Hayawi EP’

The song ‘Wanani’ that was released five days ago, was trending at number one on YouTube before it got deleted from the streaming platform.

In the Wanani video, Bahati used his wife Diana Marua’s best friend Phoina as the video vixen.

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