Otile Brown Reveals Why He Posed In His Underwear For Album Cover Art

Kenyan crooner Otile Brown has finally explained why he posed without pants on his latest album’s cover art.

Speaking in a recent interview with Jalang’o, Otile pointed out that he is done with music for 2020.

The ‘Hit & Run’ singer said that he has already released 5 songs this year, plus an album and will take the rest of the year shooting videos to songs in his album. Speaking to radio presenter and comedian Jalas, Otile noted ” I am not releasing another song, unless ni collabo ya mtu mwingine…I am not dropping any new music till next year.” When asked who would be his ultimate collaborator, he noted Sauti Sol and Fally Ipupa would be a dream come true.

Based on fans appreciation of his music, Brown’s latest releases are trending, even garnering 600K streams on music platform Boomplay, within two days of the release of ‘Just In Love’.

Speaking about his controversial album cover, Otile revealed the cover art came about as a spur of the moment decision.

According to the interview, Otile’s team could not come up with an idea that impressed him for the album cover which led him to take matters to his own hands.

“My tailor had brought me a suit and tukafikiria kwamba nikivaa tu hii suti nikiingia kwenye set itakuwa tu ni the normal Otile we are used to that, suit kila time. So, how can we make it different, I just took off my pants and we were good to go,” said Otile Brown.

Brown went on to detail his favorite projects, pointing out that he shared a special chemistry with songstress Sanaipei Tande. The twosome have worked together on the hit track ‘Chaguo la Moyo’ which dropped in 2018 as well as ‘Aiyana’ which was released this year. Speaking about his love and respect for her, Otile noted “she is a fine lady, I have to confess that…and I believe that akona mtu wake na nina mtu wangu.” He later revealed that they could have had something together, but other relationships prevailed.
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