Spice Diana Bad Mouths HiPipo Awards after Missing Out

The 9th edition of the prestigious HiPipo Awards happened last weekend. Due to the outbreak of the corona virus, the awards were held virtually and we witnessed the best artistes in the year 2019, being awarded in several categories.

Ugandan songstress Spice Diana was nominated in a couple of categories but sadly, she never got any award out of all the nominations.

Speaking during an interview, the 'Jangu Ondabe' singer revealed that she does not care about the awards.

She claimed they lack professionalism because any artiste can pay and walk away with the award.

"Everyone can stage awards, the only problem is there are no copyrights, no experienced panel to help you to choose the right people. Besides, people use it to make money not because of passion. Someone will come with money and bribe the committee to get the awards. I do not value our awards, but I treasure our music that goes out there.

"My fans reward me every day. These awards that come with nothing don't bother me but I feel good when I stage my concerts and my fans attend in huge numbers. I can't judge but it is their money. I have no right to say they are fake but If they do not see that I'm worthy of these awards, I will work hard and maybe they will later on," Spice Diana noted.
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