Dancehall star Videz Hybrid wants to spread Marijuana love with his outlawed tune “Mbulu”


Wait, did you just read somewhere that the government with Ezekiel Mutua on the forefront is gearing up to arrest Ethic with accusations that their new jam Tarimbo is advocating for rape!?

Well if that is the case then am not sure how our old mzee is going to feel about a jam advocating for use of Marijuana.

Mbulu is a sheng word referring to Marijuana and as it is the case with many new generation artists, everything goes. No censoring of any kind is done before lyrics are recorded and approved for release.

They no longer even beg the local media to play their tunes on a 60% basis as argued earlier in many instances because they flood the streets and clubs with their songs leaving the local media with no option but to give them the attention they deserve.

Vis-a-vis everyone is now giving them attention regardless of the explicitly written lyrics and themes. In fact no one is interested in listening to songs like Malaika by Nyashinski anymore when they can Wamlambez and ask women to Geuka Nikubeng.

Dancesoul star, Videz Hybrid © Photo Courtesy

Dancehall star, Videz Hybrid is not left behind as he is set to release a song titled Mbulu and all he want to do is move from city to city, town to town and hood to hood feedingbhis fans with this new taste of dansoul music that he says he has been working on for months now.

Mbulu is a straight club banger that any DJ would play without waiting for a reveller to request it first. Its mood is one that keeps you in high spirits all day and night feeling like you are next to a supreme being.

Videz at one time said he is the new face of Kenyan dancehall and that the likes of Wyre and Redsan had made the dancehall scene so dull that no one even recognized dancehall made in Kenya.

I would say he has managed to give the much needed life and light to Kenyan dancehall in the past 10 months as seen in projects he worked on like International Local by Gabiro Mtu Necessary, Nitembezee by Kidis and he even got Kenrazy spitting on a dancehall oriented Ghipuka beat on Mlipatana Wapi.

We are all psyched up for Mbulu to get to our hood as we would like to keep our chains blazing on each tour he does to feel skunking sweet.

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