Tanzania’s RayVanny releases ‘stolen’ twerk song Chuchuma by Willy Paul


Bongo star Rayavnny could care less about Willy Paul’s theft allegations and he has gone ahead to release his version of the contentious ‘Chuchuma’ song.

This is a few weeks after the Kenyan controversial gospel artist released a song with a similar title. On Saturday (05.10.19), Rayvanny uploaded on YouTube his ‘Chuchuma’ song which he has slightly changed to ‘Chuchumaa’. The three-minute song features a bevvy of girls twerking to the song.

The drama kicked off a few months ago when Willy Paul and Rayvanny were set to release another collabo but things took the wrong turn.

Beef arose between the two singers before they could release the collabo which was to be named ‘Chuchuma’. In the process, Rayvanny uploaded his version of ‘Chuchuma’ on his social media handles and promised his fans that he was set to give them a new song, solo project, a move that angered Willy Paul, who then accused the ‘Tetema’ hitmaker of stealing his ideas.

“Okay, what´s up people. I would like to bring this to the attention there somebody is trying to steal from a Kenyan, and my friend listen, nobody steals from Pozee,” Willy Paul claimed after he released his version of Chuchuma.

The singer released his ‘Chuchuma’ version on September 11th 2019. He even in some lyrics, described Rayavnny alias Vannyboy as a thief. However, this did not stop the Bongo star from releasing his version.

The WCB artist has even gone as far as starting his own ‘Chuchumaa’ challenge which involves fans singing along and dancing to the track which is similar to what Willy Paul did when he released the jam.

Rayvanny’s ‘Chuchumaa’ has garnered over 500,000 views and is a top trending song on YouTube Kenya. Meanwhile, Willy Paul’s ‘Chuchuma’ has so far received over 700,000 views on the video streaming platform.

Which Chuchuma is your favourite?

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