Vanessa Mdee & Rotimi’s relationship is not genuine – ex-lover Jux


Bongo singer Juma Jux is happy that his ex-girlfriend Vanessa Mdee has moved on with ‘Power’ actor Rotimi.

Speaking for the first time since news of the budding relationship hit the interwebs, Juma Jux wished Vanessa all the best in her new relationship.

“Unajua katika mapenzi ikawa watu wanapendana sana, mmoja akamove on na mmoja akabaki, kuna mambo inakua hayaendani sawa…drama nini, vitu mingi sana. Lakini ikiwa nyinyi wote mko katika good space, kila mtu ana furaha automatically. Inaenda baadaye mko sawa.

“Mimi all I want is peace kila mtu akue na furaha, kwa hivyo to be honest mi nimefurahi sana sana sana. I’m sure she’s happy now, awe na furaha na aendelee na kazi yake,” he said.

The singer admitted that he watches ‘Power’ and enjoys how Rotimi acts.

Juma Jux also addressed claims of moving on too quickly with his new catch, Nayika. He revealed that he broke up with Vanessa Mdee in December 2018 but kept it between themselves.

Juma noted that he moved on nine months later, which wasn’t a short time for him.

Speaking about their break up, Juma said he can’t blame Vanessa since there are issues that arose leading to the split.

“Of course, Vanessa is a beautiful girl, ni msichana mpambanaji. Kila mtu anatamani kuwa na Vanessa, lakini kuna mambo inaeza kuwa si tumepanga, kuna mambo tu mimi na yeye hayajaenda sawa but siwezi mlaumu kuwa eti she is the bad girl. Tumekaa naye kwa relationship 6 years and I’m happy for her.”

This comes two weeks after Vanessa Mdee confirmed her relationship with the Nigerian-American actor, singer, and model.

“Nipo Miami ndio na Mpenzi wangu, sio siri kwamba tuna mahusiano, it’s not a secret. But we would like to keep our relationship private. We love and respect each other so much and wanna keep building,” Vanessa Mdee told Clouds FM.

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